KSI Metal Buildings fabricates and manufactures the metal building kits we sell. This is so important to our customers because this means we can customize a variety of styles, models and sizes of buildings! You get direct affordable pricing with savings in YOUR pocket!

Customizable Home & Barndominium Plans

Planning and customizing a brand new home to your specific needs and look can be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. Our in-house drafter makes your ideas come to life on paper. The process can seem daunting, but our experts help you every step of the way! When you have installed our Metal Home Kit, you will have a completed shell of a building, ready for drywall! Other kits require installers to build wood structured walls in between the columns in order to hang drywall, our tubular steel kits are ready to hang drywall saving you cost in materials and time!

COST: Metal structures save you a lot of money and time both upfront during the build and throughout the lifetime maintenance of the structure. Metal is environmentally friendly (saving trees) and costs less then wood. When you build with wood, you will begin maintenance within the first year of it’s life. We engineer our buildings to be stronger then a standard house with near-zero maintenance. Steel does not rot, warp or bend like wood does. Our metal buildings are fire resistance, termite proof, can withstand water damage as well as heavy impacts.

QUALITY: Our metal home kits are built with quality 2″ x 4″ beams making your home stronger then the average wood home. These steel tubing will not split, bend or crack over time, withstanding more stress. Our buildings are more durable and long lasting, able to stand up to tough jobs and elements.

TIME: When planning a new build a large consideration is time. Organizing the phases of the build is important and our experts are here to help you plan accordingly. The typical amount of time to get your plans engineer approved can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Once we get those plans stamped, the average production time is only 2-3 weeks for you to receive your new Metal Home Kit. Installation depends on the builder’s experience. To give you an idea, when our team installs a home kit it typically takes 30 days (depending on weather and other factors). In the end, what this all means is building a metal home over a wood home saves you months!

CURB APPEAL: With our kits you are not restricted in colors or look. Our strong metal panels shields your home from pounding rain, severe wind, freezing cold and blistering heat. Not only will our panels protect you, but they also provide long-lasting beauty. We have designs to match the style of home you are wanting. Mix-and-match colors and textures to create the look of your dreams. The visual interest added to your exterior is maintenance-free, durable and raises home value with amazing curb appeal.

Vesta Steel Siding
TRUCEDAR Steel Siding Image


Call John with any questions!
Direct Number: 928-241-2994

We make the process simple!

We go over your needs and options to design the perfect building for you! What’s the easiest form of communication:

Phone: (602) 828-3490


Or in person! Visit our warehouse in Snowflake, AZ and we’ll show you options.

You get a custom quote for your custom build. Your home will be to code for your local city/county. When you decide to move forward it’s 50% down to begin. The first step is drafting, then your draft goes to our engineer for quality approval. Once we get the plans stamped we begin production! You will have all you need to submit to your local city for permits:

  • Foundation Plans
  • Blue Prints
  • Build Plans (to assemble your kits piece-by-piece)
  • Engineered Stamped Plans

The final phase is installation! Our Metal Building Kits are perfect for the Do-It-Yourself installer saving you a lot of money! No heavy machines are required, a 2-man team can build our kit. The final 50% is owed at pick-up. We can deliver when needed (delivery fees will be assessed).

We offer installation services! If you are interested make sure and talk to us about this service when we go over options so we can discuss in detail.

When your metal building kit has been fully installed, you will have a completed shell of a beautiful home ready to install drywall!


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